Who We Are

Carrie Regan Media LLC is a media development and production company specializing in the creation of documentary television projects.

Carrie Regan’s documentary television career includes over 13 years of experience at National Geographic Television, where she held staff positions in both story development and production.  Having lived in Africa for four years prior to landing at NGT, she enjoyed the challenge of mounting expeditions to difficult locations.  She’s trekked into distant forests in Tanzania to track wild chimps with Jane Goodall, searched for monster pythons in the depths of the Congo and camped in locations ranging from the middle of the Sahara to the flanks of an active Guatemalan volcano.  Perhaps most memorably, in 2002 Carrie was part of the three-person crew that tracked down the “Afghan Girl,” subject of the famous 1985 National Geographic Magazine cover.

In addition to her production skills, Carrie has a knack for developing and selling commercial documentary television projects.  In over five years at the helm of series development at NGT, she doubled the number of series hour commissions within her first year and increased it each subsequent year, creating and/or overseeing the development of up to ninety hours of programming each year that included hits like Monster Fish, Border Wars, Undercover History, Dogtown and Alaska Wingmen.

Carrie has also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea, West Africa, where she produced health education videos in the local language.  Post college she also volunteered as a park ranger at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico.  A fitness buff and amateur triathlete, she’s an Ironman finisher, multiple marathon finisher, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach who teaches Spinning in her spare time (check out her fitness coaching site here).  She speaks French, decent Spanish, Malinké, a smattering of several other African languages, and is a summa cum laude graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication.

Carrie draws on a rich network of contacts in the media world to source the right experts for any project, from website development to documentary film production.

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