Story Development

Have a great idea for a television program but aren’t sure how to package or pitch it?  Or maybe you’re a production company looking to give your business a boost with some fresh new ideas and energy?

Whatever your background, it helps to have someone on your side who has experience working with major networks and transforming concepts into shows that sell.  From treatments and shooting scripts to budgets and pitch tapes, we know what it takes to turn ideas into greenlights.

Carrie and her team have successfully crafted, pitched, and sold hundreds of hours of original series and specials to major broadcasters.  Topics know no bounds, ranging from character-based docu-series, engineering, and adventure-driven shows to hour-long historical documentaries –including multiple Emmy-nominated and award-winning programs.

Highlights include:

Monster Fish (National Geographic Channel)
Border Wars (NGC)
Hoarding:  Buried Alive (TLC) (Casting only)
Who Cares About Girls series with Lisa Ling (Oxygen)
Dogtown (NGC)
Prison Women (NGC)
Inside Hasidism (NGC)
American Weed (NGC)
Inside series (PBS HD)
Wild Spaces (NGC)
Alaska Wingmen (NGC)
Light at the Edge of the World with Wade Davis (NGC)
Secrets of the Virgin Queen (NGC)
CIA Secret Experiments (NGC)
The Skyjacker that Got Away (NGC)
Vanished from Alcatraz (NGC)
Ultimate Factories:  Coca Cola (NGC)
Dangerous Encounters (NGC & Wild)

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